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Zoning Maps

Zoning is local law that regulates various aspects of how land can be used.  These regulations can include what type of land uses are allowed on a property, the intensity and density of development, limitations on the height, bulk and placement of structures, as well as other aspects of land use and development activity.   County of San Bernardino regulates zoning for all unincorporated areas of the county.  The official document that regulates zoning for all unincorporated areas of the county is the County of San Bernardino Development Code. There are several options available to obtain zoning information for properties within the unincorporated areas of the County of San Bernardino, including static zoning maps and interactive zoning maps.

Interactive Online Zoning Maps

San Bernardino County Map Viewer

  • 24/7 access to search zoning information
  • Be able to search zoning based on address or Assessor’s Parcel Number
  • Shows City or County boundaries

Open Counter

  • Search the map to see where specific uses are permitted. 
  • Review required permits and associated fees.  
  • Direct access to the Development Code for zoning information

Static Zoning Maps

Regional Index Maps

CHDH A (Northwest portion of the County)

EHFH A (Southwest portion of the County)

CIDI A (Northwest portion just to the east of CHDH A)

EIFI A (Southwest portion just to the east of EHFH A)

CJDJ A (Northeast portion just to the west of CKDK A)

EJFJ A (Southeast portion just to the west of EKFK A)

CKDK A (Northeast portion of the County)

EKFK A (Southeast portion of the County)

Valley Region
 BloomingtonFH29A Montclair  FH27A
 ChinoFH27A Muscoy  FH22A
 ColtonFH30A Rancho Cucamonga  FH20AFH21A
 CraftonFH31AFH32A Redlands  FH31A
 Del RosaFH23A Rialto  FH21AFH22AFH29A
 DevoreFH21A San Antonio Heights  FH19A
 FontanaFH28AFH29A San Bernardino  FH21AFH22A
 Grand TerraceFH30A Upland  FH19A
 HighlandFH23AFH30AFH32A Verdemont  FH21AFH22A
 Loma LindaFH30AFH31A Yucaipa  FH32A


Mountain Region
 Angles Oaks  FI17A Holcomb Valley  FH16AFI09A
 Arrowbear  FH24A Lake Arrowhead  FH15AFH23A
 Baldwin Lake  FI10A Lake Gregory  FH22A
 Barton Flats  FI17AFI18A Lytle Creek  FH12AFH13AFH20AFH21A
 Big Bear City (Bear Valley)  FI09AFI10AFI17AFI18A Mount Baldy  FH11AFH12AFH19A
 Big Bear Lake  FI16AFI17AFI18A Oak Glen  FH32AFI25A
 Blue Jay  FH15AFH23A Rim Forest  FH23A
 Cedar Glen  FH15A Running Springs  FH15AFH23AFH24A
 Cedarpines Park  FH14AFH22A Silverwood  FH14A
 Crestline  FH22AFH23A Sky Forest  FH23A
 Erwin Lake  FI10AFI18A Sugarloaf  FI10AFI18A
 Fawnskin  FI09A Twin Peaks  FH23A
 Forest Falls  FI25A Valley of Enchantment  FH22A
 Fredalba  FH23A West Cajon Valley  FH04AFH12A
 Green Valley Lake  FH15AFH16AFH24A Wrightwood   FH11AFH12A


Desert Region
Adelanto EH21AEH28AEH29A LudlowEI23A
AmboyEJ26A Morongo ValleyFI28AFI29A
Apple ValleyEH23AEH30AEH31AFH07AFH08A NeedlesEK03AEK12A
BakerDI16A Newberry SpringsEI03AEI04AEI11AEI12A
Baldy MesaFH05AFH12A Oak HillsFH05AFH06AFH14A
BarstowEH07AEH08AEH15AEH16AEI01A Oro GrandeEH30A
CadizEJ19AEH27AEJ28AEJ29A Parker DamEKFKA
CimaDJ20ADJ21ADJ27A Phelan   EH27AEH28AEH29AFH03AFH04AFH05AFH06A
DaggettEI09AEI10A Pinon HillsFH03A
El MirageEH19AEH20AEH27A PioneertownFI20AFI21A
EssexEJ22AEJ23A Red Mountain DH12A
Flamingo HeightsFI21A RimrockFI20A
GoffsEJFJA Silver Lakes EH13AEH14AEH22A
HarvardEI03A Spring Valley LakeFH06A
HavasuEK20AEK29AFK05A Summit ValleyFH14A
HelendaleEH22A TronaCH13ACH14ACH21ACH27A
HesperiaFH07AFH14AFH15A Twentynine PalmsFI15AFI16AFI23AFI24AFJ17AFJ18A,  FJ19AFJ25AFJ26A
HinkleyEH06AEH08AEH13A VictorvilleEH30AFH06A
Johnson ValleyFI04AFI12A VidalFK21AFK28AFK29A
Joshua TreeFI15AFI22AFI23AFI30AFI31A Vidal Junction FK20A
KelsoDJ27A Wonder ValleyFJ17A
KramerDH28AEH04A YermoEI02A
LandersFI13AFI14A Yucca MesaFI21A
LenwoodEH07AEH08A Yucca ValleyFI20AFI21AFI28AFI29A
Lucerne ValleyEH24AEH32AEI25AEI26AFH08AFI01AFI02AFI03AFI09AFI10A