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Demonstration Properties

Changes to San Bernardino County Code involve the reduction, removal, and thinning of weeds, as well as the removal of green/living vegetation around structures. This process is known as “Forest Fuel Reduction.” Forest Fuel Reduction is also another name for the reduction of dangerous accumulations of brush, small trees, and other vegetation, which have increasingly provided for large, intense fires in wild lands. In an effort to inform and educate mountain residents about these new changes, the Fire Hazard Abatement Program schedules informational forums and demonstration properties throughout the year and around different locations in the mountains. Demonstration properties show residents how to set up the ideal defensible space around their home and/or structure. Partnering agencies are typically present to assist residents in obtaining helpful information and in understanding code changes.

San Bernardino County anticipates that by providing County residents with information, education and the opportunity to ask questions, more residents will do their part in reducing the risk of fire in their communities.

For more information, please click on Demonstration Property Video.