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The following is a list of handouts that were developed directly from the Development Code explaining different standards throughout the County of San Bernardino. You may access these handouts by clicking the link below. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these handouts.

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Click on the picture above to go to the EZOP Portal.


  • An EZOP account is necessary to create a record and submit documents. Please access the EZ Online Permitting (EZOP) portal to register.
  • Documents (such as plans, reports, etc.) shall be saved in PDF, CSV, JPG, TIF, TIFF, XLS, or XLSX file format. Maximum file size: 120 MB.
  • Check out the Pre-Submittal Guidance Checklist under the Guidance Section below.
  • If you have questions about your proposal and the application type you need to submit please contact a Duty Planner, or by calling (909) 387-8311.
  • After you submit an application a Permit Tech will review that all required documents have been uploaded and will invoice you.
  • Once payment and all necessary documents have been uploaded the application will be routed to the Planning Division, it will then be assigned to a Planner.
  • The Planner will perform an application completeness and contact you with information on the next step to take.


ABC Letter of Public Convenience – Information Sheet

Accessory Wind Energy Systems Packet – Information Sheet, Plot Plan Instructions and Plot Plan Template

Agricultural Preserve/Land Conservation Contract- Information Sheet

Appeal- Information Sheet

Certificate of Land Use Compliance Information Sheet

Certificate of Subdivision Compliance on/after March 4, 1972-Information Sheet

Certificate of Subdivision Compliance-Multiple Lot – Information Sheet and Plot Plan

Compatibility Determination – Information Sheet

Environmental Review Unrelated to Planning Project – Information Sheet

Extension of Time – Information Sheet

General Plan and Development Code Interpretation – Information Sheet

Landscape Plan – Information Sheet 

Lot Line Adjustment Packet – Information Sheet and Instructions

Lot Merger Packet

Planning Project Review Flowchart 

Pre-App Development Review – Information Sheet  

Pre-Submittal Guidance Checklist

Professional Consultation Information Sheet

Project Information Sheet

Project (CUP/MUP) Site Plan Instructions

Project (TT,TPM) Map Instructions

Reasonable Accommodation Request Information Sheet

Revision to an Approved Action

Site Plan 101

Tree and Plant Removal- Information Sheet

Temporary Special Event Permit- Information Sheet

Temporary Use Permit – Information Sheet

Variance-Information Sheet

Zoning Certification


Financial Responsible Party Information

Property Owner Certification

Hazardous Waste Site Certification

Adequate Service Certificate for Water- W1

Adequate Service Certificate for Water- W2

Adequate Service Certificate for On-site Sewage Disposal

Adequate Service Certificate for Sewer- S1

Landscape Certificate of Completion    

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent – Certificate of Subdivision Compliance on/after March 4, 1972

Letter of Intent- Extension of Time

Letter of Intent- General Plan/ Development Code Interpretation

Mining- Mineral Rights Owner Certification

Mining- Statement of Responsibility Form

Temporary Special Event Permit Questionnaire

Temporary Use Permit – Cash Bond Agreement

Temporary Use Permit – Irrevocable Letter of Credit

Temporary Use Permit – Surety Bond (Corporation)

Temporary Use Permit – Surety Bond (Partnership)

Unlicensed Residential Care Facility Permit Forms

Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet

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