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Alternative Shelter Rental Requirements

Criteria for “Alt” Rental by Resident Hosts

The following standards will be considered criteria for application and operation of an Alternative Shelter (“Alt”) Rental as a use similar to a campground. 


  • Campground use is permitted in the Rural Living (RL) zone with a Conditional Use Permit and within  the Agricultural and Resource Conservation zones with a Minor Use or Conditional Use Permit. Permitting information is below. 

Permits Required

Alternative structures operating as a short-term rental without a valid county permit are subject to fines up to $1,000 per day.

  • A Conditional Use Permit application is an * Actual Cost application that requires a deposit of $14,120. 
  • A Minor Use Permit application is an *Actual Cost application that requires a deposit of $7,220.
  • All Projects are subject to CEQA review. 
  • Both a Minor Use Permit and a Conditional Use Permit require a public hearing. 
  • Additional requirements for filing a conditional use or minor use permit can be found on the Project Information Sheet.

*Actual cost application  means staff time is charged to the account and may require additional deposits.

Alternative Shelters Frequently Asked Questions


The Alternative Shelters use permit  is filed online using our EZOP permitting system. The CUP and MUP permits fall under the Project application. If you are new to EZOP, please review the links below to get started.

Getting Started with EZOP

How to create an EZOP Account video

Project Information Sheet

Site Plan Instructions

Planning Project Review Flowchart

Presubmittal Guidance Checklist

Apply for the CUP here


Financially Responsible Party Information Form

Property Owner Certification Form

Letter of Intent Template

Adequate Service Certificate for Water- W1

Adequate Service Certificate for Water- W2

Adequate Service Certificate for On-site Sewage Disposal

Adequate Service Certificate for Sewer- S1

If you have any questions, please contact the Alt Team at: alts@lus.sbcounty.gov