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Before & After Pictures

Sample Pictures Only
Weeds and Grass – Before

Weeds and grass that are taller than 4” including those around fence lines, roadsides and around structures are a violation.

Weeds and Grass – After

Annual weeds and grass need to be cut to 4” or less. 10’ from property boundaries and roadsides, 30’ from structures unless otherwise noted for your area.

Selective Pruning/Thinning – Before

Dead and dying brush and branches mixed In with the live vegetation create a fire hazard.

Selective Pruning/Thinning – After

Remove dead/dying brush and branches mixed in live vegetation.

Tree Trimmings/Brush on the Ground – Before

Piles of tree trimmings/brush on the ground present a high fire risk and are a violation.

Tree Trimmings/Brush on the Ground – After

Piles of tree trimmings or brush must be completely removed from the property.

Combustible (Flammable) Debris – Before

Flammable debris on the property including but not limited to: trash, boxes, bags of yard waste, carpet, furniture, etc. is a violation.

Combustible (Flammable) Debris – After

Flammable debris must be completely removed from a property and properly disposed of.

Removal of Dead Trees – Before

Dead trees present a potential fire hazard as fuel for a canopy fire.

Removal of Dead Trees – After

Complete removal of dead trees and resulting debris is required.