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Administrative Citations

Administrative citations may be issued in lieu of a criminal citation depending on the circumstances. After a notice of violation or notice and order to abate has been issued a re-inspection will occur. If it is determined that compliance has not been reached, an administrative citation may be issued. Initial Administrative citations carry fines of $100 for each violation. If a second citation is issued within one year, for the same offense the fine increases to $200 per violation. Third and subsequent violations within one year are fined at $500 per violation.

Citation Payments

Payment Methods

By Mail: For payments sent through the mail, only checks or money orders are accepted. To ensure timely delivery, please mail payments early as we do not accept postmark dates as due dates. For proper credit to your account, please include your case or citation number when mailing a payment. For directions on how and where to send payments, right of appeal and additional information, see either the reverse side of the citation. View payment locations.

On Line: Citations can be paid online by going to www.CitationProcessingCenter.com

Penalties for Non-Payment

If payment of an Administrative Citation is not received within 30 days of issuance of the citation, a 50% penalty will be added. If payment is still not received within an additional 30 days another penalty of 50% will be added.

The failure of any person to pay the penalty assessed by the Administrative Citation within the time specified on the citation or on the invoice from the County or its designated collection/processing agent may result in Notification to the State Franchise Tax Board, or any agency pursuing legal remedies to collect the unpaid penalties. Payment of the citation does not relieve the responsibility to correct the violation(s) and shall not bar further enforcement by the County.

Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver

The Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver Form may be downloaded and submitted to the Citation Processing Center at the address listed on the form. Please include this form and review the income guidelines for clarification on income documentation.


If you have been issued an administrative citation, you have the right to appeal. Complete the Citation Appeal Form and follow the instructions.

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