Code Enforcement Programs

Community Clean Up Program

The Community Cleanup Program coordinates and schedules clean-up initiatives within unincorporated communities across San Bernardino County. During each event, designated commercial trash dumpsters are strategically placed in central areas for residents’ convenience in disposing of bulky items. Additionally, supplementary services such as waste tire and e-waste disposal are provided on-site. In the calendar year 2023, Code Enforcement spearheaded and engaged in 22 community clean-up events countywide, resulting in the collection of a cumulative 500,000lbs of trash and bulky items such as waste tires, and e-waste.

Off Highway Vehicles

The Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) program regulates and educates OHV riders as a means to minimize the effects of noise, dust, smoke, and fumes in residential neighborhoods. This program ensures the protection of sensitive environmental habitats through pro-active enforcement and education. The OHV section works in conjunction with local law enforcement and the Bureau of Land Management to protect the environment and public safety.

The following information can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate title:

County Code: Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Use

OHV Information/Where can I ride?

Home Occupation Permits

Home occupation is the use of one’s home for business. It is permitted only if the home is used primarily as a residence, and the business will not alter the residential character of the area. This applies only to the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County, categorized by three geographical regions: the Valley, the Mountain, and the Desert. Regional differences apply to obtaining a Home Occupation Permit.

County Code: Home Occupations [pdf]

Illegal Dumping Program

Details for this Program will follow soon.


Countywide Graffiti Hotline: 877-44ABATE

Details for this Program will follow soon.

Street Vendors Program

Details for this Program will follow soon.