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Draft and Final Documents

Below are links to draft and final documents. This page will be updated as new information and documents are available.

Countywide Plan Policy Plan- Draft Housing Element – November 2021

Countywide Plan- Housing Element- Draft  Technical Report November 2021

2020-2025 Consolidated Plan – Final

2020-25 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

Local Housing Data Summary (April 2021)

2013-2021 Housing Element

DRAFT 2021 – 2029 Housing Element Community Profile

DRAFT 2021-2029 Housing Element Constraints

Fact Sheet and Meeting Materials

Below are links to material that will help explain the County’s efforts to update housing-focused planning documents.

Community Meeting Presentation on the Consolidated Plan and AI (July 2019)

Community Meeting Presentation on the Consolidated Plan and AI- Spanish (July 2019) 

Housing Element Fact Sheet (Spring 2021)Housing Element FAQs (Spring 2021)

Housing Outreach Summary (2019-2020) – click here to see what we’ve heard so far

Local Resources

For more information about affordable housing and community development in San Bernardino County, visit the County’s Community Development and Housing webpage. For more information on the County’s long-term policies and land use planning, visit the Countywide Plan webpage. For more information on the County’s development standards, please visit the County’s Development Code webpage.

Regional and State Resources

Check out HCD’s and SCAG’s websites to learn more about Housing Element requirements and the update process using the links below.

HCD Housing Element Webpage


National Resources

Check out HUD’s website to learn more about the Consolidated Plan and Fair Housing planning process using the links below.

HUD’s Consolidated Planning Information Page

CDBG Program Fact Sheet

Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program Fact Sheet

HUD Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

HUD Fair Housing Planning Guide

Interactive HUD maps and data

Select “Local Government” as the Program Participant Type and then “San Bernardino County (CDBG, ESG)” as the Jurisdiction and click Select a Map to get started.