Environmental Health Services Plan Review

The following types of projects require review and approval by San Bernardino County, Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Services (EHS).

Commercial/Public Pools (non-residential)

This includes, but is not limited to new construction and remodels of non-residential (including at Bed and Breakfasts) pools, spas, spray grounds, splash pads, wading pools, medical pools, swim lakes, and water slides, etc.

Commercial Food Facilities

This includes, but is not limited to new construction and remodels of restaurants, markets, convenience stores, cafeterias (schools, hospitals, etc.), catering kitchens, events venues, organized camps, etc. 

Projects where sewer is unavailable

All commercial projects that are unable to connect to sewer require EHS review and approval to ensure the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) design conforms with the County’s Local Agency Management Program (LAMP). In addition, an EHS approved percolation test may be required for new construction that is unable to connect to sewer. Lastly, projects requiring an Alternative Treatment System must have an inspection by EHS prior to a final. Release from condition will be provided to the applicant by EHS through an Official Inspection Report (OIR).

For more information regarding EHS, please visit their website at https://dph.sbcounty.gov/programs/ehs/ or call/text 1-800-442-2283.

Revised Date: 2/1/2023